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Be a Force for

Positive Change

Join the movement of constituents, residents, and business owners all coming together for a common goal, to improve the way of life

for ALL Guamanians.


Action PAC, Inc. was formed out of a need to play an active role in government starting at a grassroots level. Action PAC is made up of members from a cross-section of Guam’s society. We represent all walks of life and are united in our belief that we can affect change through action.

We are an inclusive group that believes in a respectful, professional, methodical approach to vetting candidates and supporting those who can stand behind the causes that matter most to us.

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Action PAC, Inc. is a nonprofit, political action committee (PAC) that was formed to affect change in government, specifically as it relates to five key issues:


Rightsize the local government

Improve the transparency in all levels of the Government of Guam

Support the military build-up

Support a part-time legislature

Rollback of the BPT from 5% to 4% immediately

We are a group of like minded individuals who support these five key positions that will help to rebuild Guam’s economy. We are committed to identifying and supporting candidates in the 2020 election who are also committed to getting behind these issues. Supporting the right candidates will give us a better chance of seeing the changes we want to see in our local government.

Action PAC is committed to supporting candidates whose platforms and purpose align with our core values and not by their political affiliations or popularity.

The politics of the past is no longer working for Guam. Action PAC members require results that will positively impact our economic future.


Håfa Adai,
Welcome to Action Pac, Inc.!

We are happy to be able to participate in the genesis of what is certain to become a positive movement for our community. Action Pac, Inc. will be comprised of a cross section of Guam's people all coming together for a common goal, to improve the way of life for ALL Guamanians. We are voting residents of all ages and backgrounds who believe in taking an active role in supporting and electing the right leaders in government. 

We have witnessed firsthand the challenges that are facing a growing number of residents. Now is the time for like minds to come together and voice our collective concerns about the direction our island is taking at this pivotal moment in our history. While the issues impacting our community are plentiful, we believe that as a community we can unite for a common good and seek out positive change. Action Pac, Inc. will be a force of positive change. We will be inclusive and respectful of all views, but we will voice our concerns and exhort our collective resources and spirit to make our voices heard. We are proud to be able to form this political action committee and look forward to furthering the platform.

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As we head toward the 2020 General Election on November 3rd, the Action PAC committee will be engaging with candidates to gather information about the issues they support, share information with our members and community, and identify the candidates that we will endorse. We will also work to simultaneously achieve community-wide support for our key positions and support candidates who can get the job done.

We welcome your active participation, and here are the ways you can take action now to stand with the PAC:


Sign up to be a member through our website – CLICK HERE. You will receive updates by email.

Follow us on social media for member updates and insights about our 2020 candidates –

Facebook: Action PAC, Inc. Guam

Instagram: @actionpacguam 

Twitter: @actionpacguam

Tag your posts in support of the issues – #JointhePAC and #TakeActionGuam

Donate! Any amount helps. Support the collective cause by donating to Action PAC, Inc. Contact us to make a donation.

Let your voice be heard. Vote on election day on November 3rd by supporting candidates who support our causes.

We are a nonprofit organization that relies on the fundraising and contributions of our members and residents of Guam. These funds will be used for the purpose of creating awareness for our core positions, starting important conversations at a Legislative level, from the legislative level to the administration in the Governor’s office. We will support candidates who can best represent us in office. We can’t do this alone. It will take more of us to steer the canoe in these rough waters. We urge you to jump on board and help us paddle towards a better future for our people.