Action PAC thanks its

partner organizations for

their vote of confidence. Together we are stronger!

Chinese Chamber of Commerce

106 Members

Guam Chamber of Commerce

More than 400 members representing

40,000 employees

Guam Contractors Association

480 Members

Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association

323 Members representing

20,000 employees

Guam Realtors Association

520 Members

Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce

200 members representing 4,000 employees

Korean Chamber of Commerce

40 Members



Action PAC, Inc. was formed out of a need to play an active role in government starting at a grassroots level. Action PAC is made up of members from a cross-section of Guam’s society. We represent all walks of life and are united in our belief that we can affect change through action.

Get to know us:

#TakeActionGuam and #JointhePAC!

We are voting residents of all ages and backgrounds who believe in taking an active role in supporting and electing the right leaders in government.

We believe that it’s time for a change in our government and electing the right candidates will give our island a better chance at recovering, rebuilding, and becoming more fiscally responsible so it can serve its people.

We believe in the power of free enterprise and its ability to improve the quality of life for all.

We are a group of constituents -- business owners, managers,

and workers of small to large businesses -- who need to

get businesses reopened and people back to

work so they can take care of their families.

We believe in strengthening our economic environment to make it more viable for new businesses to develop and thrive.

We support tourism, Guam’s top economic driver, and the development of new industries for our island.

We support a leaner and more efficient government that is self-sustaining and fiscally responsible.

We do not subscribe to the idea that our government should provide for all our needs. Rather, we support respectful and collaborative public-private partnerships where we come together for the benefit of our island.

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