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The PAC is Back! Action PAC Announces New Executive Director

Local political action group begins the countdown to Election 2022

(January 25, 2022 – Hagåtña, Guam) – As election year 2022 begins, Action PAC, Inc., (APAC) a local political action group, announced its new Executive Director. Phillip Leddy II has been named to the leadership role to drive the PAC’s efforts for the election in November. Leddy replaces Laura Dacanay, who led APAC through the 2020 election season.

Action PAC’s Chairwoman Christine Baleto said, “We are pleased to welcome Phillip as the PAC’s new Executive Director. Phillip brings a fresh perspective to this role, and he has the energy and vision to take the PAC into the 2022 election and beyond.”

Leddy is currently serving as the Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at Guam Copier and is an Independent COVID19 Testing Facilitator for Guam and Saipan. He has more than 15 years of leadership experience working with small businesses to large corporations in Guam and California.

Leddy, an active member of Guam Chamber of Commerce, Guam Young Professionals, Guam Contractors Association, Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association, Toast Masters Guam Chapter, and other church and civic organizations has been a member of Action PAC since its inception. He is passionate about engaging multi-generations of voters to take active roles in shaping Guam’s future.

Leddy states, “I’ve been a member of the PAC from the start, and I am confident I can build momentum and support for the PAC’s important platform this election season. There’s a lot of uncertainty about Guam’s future, which makes this election one of the most significant events of our time. Our residents – working families, man’amko’, and recent graduates – are calling for legislators who can dynamically lead our island and bring innovative solutions for economic recovery.”

Action PAC’s five key initiatives include rolling back of the BPT (business privilege tax) from 5% to 4% or less; rightsizing the Government of Guam for greater efficiency; improving the transparency in all levels of the government and promoting open communication and collaboration between the public and private sectors; strengthening relations with the U.S. military to improve safety and security in the region and maximize economic opportunities for Guam; and support for a part-time legislature.

APAC’s membership is made up of concerned individuals, constituents, nonprofit organizations, and business entities on Guam who believes that its citizens should have a stronger voice in shaping Guam’s political and economic future. As a nonprofit, political action committee, Action PAC does not identify with a specific political party and is made up of Guam residents and members of seven nonprofit organizations:


  • Chinese Chamber of Commerce

  • Guam Chamber of Commerce

  • Guam Contractors Association

  • Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association

  • Guam Realtors Association

  • Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce

  • Korean Chamber of Commerce


George Chiu, Vice Chairman of Action PAC, added, “We are ready to ramp up efforts, and we welcome fellow residents to join our movement. This election will be critical for how we begin to recover after two long and challenging years.”

Leddy added, “We’ve created a countdown clock to Election 2022 at to remind everyone that it’s time to join together to make the changes we need to see in our government. We encourage residents over the age of 18 to become Action PAC members and, most importantly, to register to vote early for the 2022 election. Every vote and voice matters.”



Action PAC, Inc. is a nonprofit political action committee that was formed by concerned residents and members from seven nonprofit organizations who believe they can affect change at the legislative level by voting together as a community. The group is not affiliated with a specific political party and welcomes a nonpartisan approach to legislation to improve the quality of life for all who call Guam home. Learn more about Action PAC’s mission or become a member at Engage with the PAC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@actionpacguam). Donations are welcome by emailing or visiting the donation portal on Action PAC’s website.


Media contact:

Phillip Leddy, Executive Director

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